12/13/2005 • Video security and monitoring

Network Products: DV-IP Server

DV-IP Server offers installers and end users a straight forwards transition into the world of networkable CCTV solutions, where reliable and easily scalable CCTV is required. A typical question often heard when networkable CCTV is discussed is "what happens to my CCTV system if the network is lost?" The simple answer in most cases is that the CCTV system is lost leaving your site vulnerable. However DV-IP Server is designed to continue recording and managing alarms even in the event of a network outage. Redundant links are supported so DV-IP Server can still send alarms to the remote operator using an optional secondary path.

DV-IP Server solves the problem of distributed viewing by making video and audio available to operators (local or remote) on demand, DV-IP Server is the product which can provide flexible, reliable networked CCTV solutions of any size.

Networked based recording and management is not where it ends... Integration opportunities are realised through the use of the DV-IP SDK which offers authorised integrators the necessary tools and flexibility to design custom Java based applications. Video can now be integrated into other Building Management systems providing the end user with a powerful management interface.

Typical applications include multi-level buildings, casinos, shopping centres, universities and hotels, or in general where security surveillance is required anytime, anywhere.


MPEG4 Image Streaming
DV-IP Server now records evidential quality JPEG images on the local hard drive, whilst SIMULTANEOUSLY making available multiple connections of live and historical playback in MPEG-4 format. This unique technology ensures that users who are worried about overburdening their network have the opportunity to view video in real time, without compromising recorded picture quality. Fully flexible, the user can independently configure the DV-IP Server’s transmission image resolution, bit rate, and picture update rate. All images are stored locally and recording continues even in the event of a network failure

Common Technology DNA
NetVu connected technology provides seamless interoperability between DM NetVu Connected components

Improved Audio
Sample rates selectable from 8Khz to 22Khz

Advanced Alarm Management
Alarm features compliant to emerging remote monitoring standard (BS8418)

Local Spot Monitor
Configurable for full screen and sequence dwell

Telemetry Support
Built in Coax and Serial telem drivers for tier one PTZ devices

Dial on Alarm
Alarm forwarding via network for use in RVRC's

Built in Web Server
Intuitive setup and configuration via preloaded webpages

Bi-Directional Audio
For use in Help Point schemes or remote control applications

Network Relays
Manual or automatic control of on board relays

Built in Firewall
Providing intrusion detection and protection from unauthorised users

Configurable Passwords
Network password for key functions

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