12/01/2005 • Machine safety, industrial safety • Sensor Technology

Pick-to-light – light curtain in a reflex design for reliable retrieval from small-parts shelves

The new Pick2Light light curtain from SICK, the first in an installation- and user-friendly reflex design, is the ergonomic and economical solution for checking picking and retrieval from small-parts shelves. The completely new reflex concept, with which a reflective foil on the back of the device acts as a reflector for the neighbouring light curtain, precludes the otherwise necessary installation and wiring workload. The same applies for the integrated "job" LED, that shows the operator the appropriate storage space and optically confirms correct removal.

User ergonomics was also taken into account with the Pick2Light light curtain: the slim sender/receiver housing provides the person removing the parts with optimum access to the parts box from any position. Making the Pick2Light light curtain the flexible concept for minimising mistakes in assembly and commissioning.

Access monitoring by light curtain

Led by LED: this is a rough description of the pick-to-light process by which a person removes parts from a defined, i.e. indicated by LED, shelf. Whether on the assembly line or in the commissioning department – accessing the wrong storage space of a small-parts shelf and removing the wrong component or article can have awkward consequences, such as complaints, repair or replacement. The Pick2Light light curtain from SICK provides assistance. It ensures correct removal – without exception.

Versatile, modular and suitable for retrofitting

Indicate, check and report back – the Pick2Light light curtain offers all these functions to prevent errors during manual part removal from a shelf. As any number of units can be combined it is suitable for creating individual solutions for checking picking. Differing monitoring heights, i.e. access openings, can be monitored. Mechanical installation couldn't be easier – with sliding blocks for all aluminium profiles commonly used in shelf construction. Even existing shelves are easily upgraded as the system concept, and its suitability for AS-I sensor connection, minimise the space required on the shelf and installation costs.
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