12/01/2005 • Image processing / Optical metrology

The ICR890 high-end CCD camera system

The new ICR890 from SICK is a high-end CCD camera system for reading 1-D bar codes and 2-D codes. The excellent image quality of the ICR890 also allows use for all types of OCR and video-coding tasks.

It solves difficult tasks and can be, for example, networked with additional bar-code scanners or a volume measurement system to form a complete ID plant. Thus the ICR890 is particularly suitable for use at the distribution centres of postal and package services, mail-order businesses and wholesalers, as well as all other areas in which objects require flexible, rapid and reliable identification within logistical processes.

The reading field of the ICR890 covers all common conveyor belt widths up to 1 m, whereby transport speeds of up to 4.8 m/s are possible. The depth of field is between 1,100 mm with minimum resolution of 0.2 mm and 1,400 mm with resolutions ≥ 0.3 mm, depending on the application and installation.

Top image quality and reading performance

The ICR890 is designed for maximum image quality under all operating conditions. The omnidirectional system offers particular advantages, above all, with small bar codes that must be read at high speeds, with dirty or weakly contrasting codes, and with bar codes with highly fluctuating module widths. Moreover, the ICR890 opens up image acquisition for OCR and video-coding applications. Image data transmission takes place in real time via a 2 Gbit Ethernet interface. This precludes the need for using special image processing components such as a frame grabber.

High availability through modularity

Integration and modularity determined the design of the ICR890. The two system groups: the illumination system and the evaluation unit, with its real-time focus control and high-performance decoder, are integrated in the complete device as modules. So if the worst comes to the worst they can be rapidly and independently replaced. Whereby the parameters already stored are simply back-loaded to the new device from the ICR890's flashcard. Remote monitoring and diagnosis of the camera system is possible with the help of the RDT400 software tool, whereby system availability can be significantly optimised.

Suitable for complete ID plants

The ICR890 can be networked with other sensor systems, such as bar-code scanners and volume measurement systems via its CAN interfaces. Complete ID plants can be configured by integrating more bar-code scanners, for reading from the side for example, or volume measurement systems. They manage with just one interface to the host system – an important advantage for many applications.

Wherever high-end demands are made of camera technology, the new ICR890 offers almost "end-less" opportunities. The ICR890 thus combines the well-known advantages of a laser scanner, such as reliability and simple operation and maintenance, with the advantages of camera technology in a single sensor system.
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