11/21/2005 • Laboratory appliances

Powerful, Productive Stirring System

Radleys Discovery Technologies have introduced the Tornado IS6 – a new accessory for the Carousel 6 reaction system that facilitates powerful, controlled stirring of up to six reactions (50–250 ml) in parallel. Built to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of overhead stirrers the Tornado evenly distributes high torque to all positions of the Carousel 6. The result is productive overhead stirring even when faced with highly viscous liquids. At its most powerful the Tornado can stir reaction mixtures of up to 10,000 cps at 500 rpm. The system is also ideal for dispersing solids in lower viscosity liquids at speeds of up to 1,000 rpm. Built to minimise set-up time the Tornado features an easy-to-use 'Pinch Grip' for fast, reliable overhead stirrer shaft insertion. Incorporating the proprietary RDT sealed stirrer drive mechanism the Tornado can maintain stirring of up to six reactions under vacuum or with inert atmospheres.
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