11/21/2005 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

Highly-Sensitive Modular Spectrometer

Ocean Optics has introduced the QE65000, a highly-sensitive modular spectrometer. The QE65000 can achieve up to 90% quantum efficiency (defined as how efficiently a photon is converted to a photoelectron) with high signal-to-noise and rapid signal processing speed. It is ideal for Raman analysis and other low-light level applications such as fluorescence, DNA sequencing, thin film reflectivity and astronomy. The modular QE65000 features an SMA 905 connector and accepts light transmitted through an optical fibre. This flexibility enables users to make Raman measurements using their own laser and probe configuration. The user can optimise the spectrometer's range and resolution by selecting from Ocean Optics' fourteen gratings and seven entrance slit options. The spectrometer's operating parameters can be controlled through software. The QE65000's onboard module has 10 user-programmable digital I/O lines for interfacing to other equipment, and a pulse generator for triggering other devices.
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