BioAnalyzer Gel – Imaging without staining

Gel electrophoresis plays a key role in proteomics. Visualization of proteins is usually accomplished by the application of dyes (coomassie blue, silver staining, SYPRO ruby...). However, different dyes have limitations in linearity, sensitivity and affordability.
The BioAnalyzer Gel offers new perspectives, as no dyes are required to make the protein spots visible. The BioAnalyzer Gel utilizes native fluorescence of amino acids (tryptophane, tyrosine...) to visualize the proteins within the gel. The outstanding advantage is of course time and cost reduction. Neither lengthy diffusion based staining processes nor covalent modifications are necessary. In addition the native fluorescence is highly quantitative. After imaging the gel can be directly processed by subsequent methods. Because of unstained proteins no purifying process is required.
The BioAnalyzer Gel is a flexible and user friendly instrument. A proprietary PMT-based detector guarantees highest sensitivity and short acquisition time. In addition white light illumination in combination with advanced filter technique delivers unmatched flexibility.Features
  • Reads unstained as well as stained protein gels
  • UV and 3 visible excitation wavelengths, Multi-Color Detection
  • High resolution and fast data acquisition
  • < 17.5 min reading time for maximum area (30x35cm2) @ 50 µm resolution
  • Simple exchange of filters allows flexible adaptation to new dyes
  • Prepared for spot picking
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