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invisity in-ear RF receivers / VHF radio transmitters / VHF radio receivers – a unique solution for prompting and intercom applications

Miniaturized and discreet, the invisity in-ear RF receivers from Phonak Communications (now shipping!) represent a unique, state of-the-art solution for prompting and intercom applications.

Newsreaders, actors, journalists and presenters in today’s increasingly time- and cost-conscious TV production environments are demanding voice prompting systems that are reliable, discreet and offer the highest standards of intelligibility. In the new invisity VHF radio transmitters and receivers from miniaturized communication specialists Phonak Communications, they have all that and more — including the world’s only in-ear RF receiver.

The invisity range includes three systems — all of them programmable — to suit the needs of different users: the invisity 4 system comprises one in-ear RF receiver and a waterproof remote control in key-ring format that allows the user to select discreetly between four different channels; the invisity Flex system offers one reprogrammable channel; and the invisity Fix, one fixed frequency channel in the Phonak standard configuration. Each invisity RF receiver can cover a 7MHz range within VHF (narrow band).

Despite the extremely compact construction of the near invisible receivers that follow the contours of the inner ear for increased comfort and performance, all three invisity systems deliver the outstanding audio quality upon which the success of Phonak Communications has been built. Phonak’s unique synthesizer technology is used to enhance the flexibility and acoustic performance of the systems, allowing them to be configured to match the requirements of specific operational situations. invisity is exactly what today’s image-conscious professionals are demanding: virtually invisible voice prompting solutions (without all the clutter of receiver packs, cables and tubes!) in which they can have absolute confidence and which will enhance their freedom and creativity.

In view of the increasing importance of the market for discreet voice prompting systems — not only for TV and movie productions, but also for press conferences, shareholders’ meetings and similar corporate applications — Phonak Communications is expanding its distribution network with the addition of a global Studio/Stage sales channel.

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