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Fully Programmable Chilling/Heating Incubators

Torrey Pines Scientific announces two new Programmable, Chilling/Heating, Bench Top Incubators. The Models lN35 & lN45 are Peltier based units with no compressors or CFC's and a temperature range from 4–70°C with control to 0.1°C (even at room temperature). They have interior capacity
of 27.5 L and 55 L respectively. Both models have Fully Programmable Controls that are capable of storing three routines in memory. Each routine is capable of ten steps and each program step is a temperature, time, and ramp function (if required). Each program can be made to repeat from 1–99 times automatically. Programs are stored in CMOS for instant recall and use at any time. Units have an RS232 interface for data collection, and 99 day timer readable to one second. These Programmable Incubators are ideal for use in pharmaceutical, biotech, biochemistry, clinical, general chemistry, and other laboratories.
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