09/07/2005 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

Cell Counting and Viability Assessment

Available from Guava Technologies, the ViaCount Flex assay reagent enables accurate counting and discrimination of viable and non-viable cells for a variety of difficult cell samples including non-mammalian cells, low density cell samples and cell lines that stain heterogeneously. Results from ViaCount Flex assays show good correspondence and linear correlation to the trypan blue hemacytometer cell counting method, over a broad range of cell densities and culture conditions, but offers some additional significant benefits. Assay results using Guava ViaCount Flex are more reproducible, and there is significantly less operator-to-operator variability in results compared to manual counting methods. In addition the Guava ViaCount Flex assay is easy to perform, with rapid data acquisition on the Guava PCA, PCA-96 or EasyCyte systems, saving the researchers significant amounts of time.
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