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  • Active circulation for fast and reproducible results
  • Suitable for full automation and high-throughput
  • Less hands-on time and reduced set-up costs
The unique active circulation system of the a-Hyb™ Hybridization Station evenly distributes sample solution over the slide surface , thereby accelerating diffusion processes. A tight temperature control enables standardized incubation conditions, leading to greater reproducibility and reliability of the assays.
The compact a-Hyb™ Hybridization Station is a fully automated system for processing of diverse microarrays like cDNA microarrays, oligo microarrays, protein arrays – from the first hybridization step to the dried microarray. The a-Hyb™ Station can be combined with standard laboratory robot systems into completely automated microarray processing.

The microtiterplate-format slide carrier allows the simultaneous handling of four standard slides. The accompanying software is highly flexible and easy to use: Researchers choose from pre-defined actions and can specify individual media, temperature and flow-rate for each slide position.
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