World firsts for microscopy & imaging at Biotechnica 2005

On stand no B41 in hall 2 at this year's Biotechnica Olympus will be holding worldwide launches for a number of new imaging and microscopy products. Visitors will see the world's first microscope developed specifically for macro fluorescence imaging plus stereo observation – the MVX10 MacroView® - and they will be the first to see Olympus's comprehensive new range of incubation accessories. In addition, the novel cell* family for live cell imaging will be demonstrated together with new tools for cell manipulation and confocal microscopy.

MVX10 MacroView®:

The MVX10 MacroView from Olympus is the world's first microscope dedicated to fluorescence imaging plus stereo observation and screening of living organisms at low magnification. This breakthrough will bring new levels of brightness, resolution and precision to fluorescence imaging at macro settings. The MVX10 mono-zoom microscope provides stepless macro to micro zooming to enable gene expression verification at low magnification before smoothly moving on to observe cell structures at high magnification.

Modular bioincubation products:

The new Olympus bioincubation product range will create the perfect environment of temperature, pH, humidity and associated parameters for accurate observation of living cells. Because the varying requirements of different cell-types and experimental parameters mean there is no single solution for live-cell imaging, Olympus's comprehensive new bioincubation range is both modular and highly flexible.

cell* family:

Olympus will also be introducing visitors to the new fully modular cell* family of imaging solutions for the life sciences. These range from simple image acquisition and documentation systems through to a complete solution for live cell imaging – the cell^R. Each member of the cell* family is made up of Olympus cameras, microscopes and illumination systems - all controlled by advanced software, ensuring that each part works seamlessly as one system. Every cell* family member is fully upgradeable and able to grow with evolving research requirements.

FluoView 1000:

Also to be demonstrated will be the recently launched FluoView 1000 high resolution confocal laser scanning microscopeThe FV1000 uniquely incorporates two independent, fully synchronised laser scanners in a single compact design for simultaneous laser light stimulation and observation.

Cell micromanipulation tools:

Interfaced with Olympus inverted microscopes and using solid-state UV laser and unique patented isolation technologies, the new MMI Cellcut® and Smartcut® laser microdissection systems rapidly and accurately isolate single cells or groups of cells from a broad range of sample types.
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