08/25/2005 • Medical tech

Agfa Connects

As new technologies play an increasingly central role in healthcare provision, the focus of companies like Agfa has been steadily changing.

Where we were primarily an expert provider of high quality imaging solutions – something that remains a fundamental part of our offering and continues to inform new solutions today – our capabilities have now developed further to encompass healthcare management: to introduce and support the software and services needed to address hospital management and treatment issues.

Making effective connections

As an established neutral integrator capable of connecting third party and legacy systems, Agfa is instrumental in facilitating the necessary internal connections within and between hospital departments that enables radiologists and clinicians to experience a seamless patient centered approach. Additionally, the key strategic connections that we make between ourselves and other complementary best-of-breed companies, such as GWI and Symphonie-on-line, enable us to further enhance our solution offering to our customers.

The net result is a repositioning of Agfa as a company equipped to help our customers make decisions at the point of care.

Widening your scope of influence

Increased accessibility and connectivity is a two-way street. Just as it provides clinicians with access to images, so it also provides radiologists with access to a wealth of information hithero unavailable to; information that increases your scope for expanding your capabilities, thereby helping you to be more effective in your role.

Strong departments remain key to successful hospitals

And despite these alterations in working processes, an indisputable fact is that hospitals still need strong departmental solutions as the bedrock on which integrated solutions are built. Which is why, as we develop our capabilities in the sphere of all hospital departments, we remain committed to developing enhanced solutions for our image intensive departments. This dual commitment to hospital management and imaging solutions is one that is clearly demonstrated by the solutions being featured at ECR this year. These include:
  • Impax ES – Easing enterprise-wide integration
Impax Enterprise Suite (ES) is a digital image and information management system that extends critical data across the clinical enterprise. It offers a standards-based, modality- neutral infrastructure that is compatible with industry-standard hardware. Impax ES works with your existing legacy systems, eliminating the need to 'rip-and-replace' while allowing for maximum flexibility in future implementations.
  • CR 50.0 – Powering innovation in Computed Radiography
As an industry leader, Agfa's CR 50.0 provides unseen quality images using CR equipment. Designed specifically for high-load, in-room practices, it allows you to remain with your patient and your equipment while achieving fast, cost-effective, DR quality images. Using Needle Image Plate technology to give high image quality at low doses, the fast line scanning digitizer is fully compatible with different X-ray environments, enabling you to make the most of your existing resources.
  • iPlan– Intuitive web based scheduling
Suited to both hospital users and referring physicians, iPlan's intuitive graphic user interface makes it both attractive and simple to use, negating the need for training. A web-based module that complements Agfa's existing scheduling solutions, iPlan provides an at-a-glance view of all appointment solutions for occasional users who don't require the full functionality of QPlanner.
  • Solution monitoring and management services – Proactive system management
Agfa's advanced solution monitoring and management services solution monitors, manages, and remedies potential system issues within your IT infrastructure. Operating alongside your PACS, RIS and CR systems, its proactive role ensures that issues are anticipated and addressed before they cause disruption within your facility. Hosted on Agfa's server, the level of service provided is based on pre-defined service level agreements.
  • A#Sharp – Imaging at its best
As part of our continual drive to provide you with perfect image quality, we have upgraded our award winning Direct Digital Imaging (DDI) technology with new A#Sharp capability. This new feature enhances imaging capability, enabling DDI to provide sharper image quality.

At Agfa, we understand the need for flexible tools that combine best-of-breed capabilities with an integrated vendor-neutral approach. That's why we deliver Best of Enterprise solutions. These solutions offer integrated enterprise data and image management, enabling you to refine clinical workflow and improve the care process, while leveraging your existing IT investments.

On every level, Agfa connects.
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