08/25/2005 • Clinic IT

New Console Application for Medical Imaging

The Dome Dashboard addresses needs of PACS administrators, CIOs and clinicians: Planar Systems, Inc., a market leader in flat-panel display systems, is accelerating the adoption of PACS across healthcare enterprises with the Dome Dashboard, a new console application for the maintenance and monitoring of medical imaging displays which will be presented at ECR 2005 in Vienna.

Developed specifically for the needs of medical imaging in the PACS environment, Planar's Dome Dashboard is a software console application which enables PACS administrators and IT managers to centrally manage, control, and report on their entire line of Dome medical imaging displays. Centralized management enables increased PACS uptime and productivity for hospitals that are deploying imaging displays throughout the healthcare system – from the radiology suite, to operating rooms, nursing stations, and doctors' offices.

With the Dome Dashboard, Planar fulfills hospitals' medical imaging display needs for both hardware and software, with solutions designed to function together seamlessly. The Dome Dashboard builds on Planar's product offerings designed specifically for the healthcare environment, meaning clinicians, CIOs and IT managers can turn to Planar to satisfy all of their medical imaging needs.

"PACS administrators want to manage their display systems without having to learn how to use a new complex application that was designed for an IT professional," said Dr. John Weiser, Chief Scientist at Xtria and an acknowledged leader in the development of PACS. "Their main concern is making sure that medical imaging displays are up and running and that they conform to DICOM standards, so radiologists and clinicians are viewing optimized images. The Dome Dashboard is a positive step towards improving productivity and simplifying the process of managing a fleet of displays."

Until now, a hospital's IT tools may have been unavailable or inappropriate for PACS administrators to manage their growing installation of medical imaging displays. In the most common scenario, PACS administrators check each display manually, writing down conformance status on paper or PDA and organizing the data back at their desks. The Dome Dashboard solves this problem by allowing PACS administrators to gather important display data quickly and effectively from a single, centrally located console. The application also leverages the industry-standard Simple Networking Management Protocol, or SNMP, which shortens the learning curve for administrators.

"As digital imaging spreads into more hospital departments, including the OR, nursing stations and doctors' offices, we knew our customers would require a tool to easily manage their growing number of display assets," said Doug Barnes, Vice President Sales & Marketing Europe for Planar. "Based on our heritage and experience in the medical market, Planar understands that PACS administrators need to keep their diagnostic, referral and clinical displays operating smoothly, and consistently high performance is expected."

The Dome Dashboard works in conjunction with Dome CXtra – the monitoring and calibration software which is included with all Dome medical-imaging display systems (Dome CX, QX and PX lines, as well as the recently announced Dome Surgery Review Cart). This software ensures that every Planar display is calibrated to the DICOM standard, and that display settings, such as backlight and contrast adjustment, are maintained.

With Planar's Dome Dashboard, alerts can be set up to immediately page the PACS administrator when a display changes in any unexpected way, whether the display shuts down, it is out of DICOM conformance, or when a scheduled maintenance interval passes. The solution also allows administrators to view display parameters which CXtra manages – including brightness, DICOM performance results and other display characteristics – from one centralized location, further reducing downtime and increasing staff productivity.
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