07/26/2005 • Image processing / Optical metrology

The Smallest, Smartest and Most Accurate IR Camera

The ThermaCAM® EX320 has a true, built-in 320 x 240 pixel array, giving you four times the resolution of any IR camera in its size and price range, and making it the first, low cost, ultra portable infrared camera to provide such detailed imaging and superior performance.
Now with post-processing capabilities and the world's most powerful infrared detector, the EX320 offers unmatched temperature measurement accuracy and the best image quality.
Interchangeable optics and calibrated for harsh environments, the EX320 is rugged yet flexible, feature rich and affordable; the smallest, smartest infrared camera in the market today.
Find Problems Fast
Unlike other cameras, you can use the powerful, affordable, EX320 in all types of harsh industrial environments to find faults in electrical and mechanical systems quickly and accurately. Store more than 50 thermal images inside the camera along with text annotations for post-processing and analysis on the camera, or after downloading to a PC.
Most Accurate Temperature Measurement
The EX320 is the most accurate lightweight, handheld IR camera on the market today. Using the world's best infrared detector material, vanadium oxide, the EX320 sees temperature differences as small as 0.08°C and provides 76,800 picture elements in each image.
Lightweight, Rugged and Ergonomic
The EX320 is built tough for hard work in the field and in all weather conditions and industrial environments - a critical design capability. Dust and splash proof, the EX320 meets IP 54 standards. Unlike other cameras that might be "lab calibrated", the EX320 won't seize up in freezing cold, extreme heat and other harsh conditions. It's exclusive Ambient Temperature Compensation (ATC) technology assures accuracy under the most challenging ambient temperature conditions.
Download and Document
Download thermal images with measurements to your PC quickly with ThermaCAM Quickview™ software and standard USB or serial cables. Document your findings simply by inserting the JPEG images into your favorite word processing program.
Flexible JPEG Image Storage With Post Processing
Store and recall more than 80 calibrated thermal images using the camera's on-board memory. The EX320's radiometric JPEG image format allows you to go back to any image at any time to add and move spots, measure temperatures, and perform analysis you may have missed in the field.
View Sensitive Thermal Images At Standard TV Rates
A maintenance-free, state-of-the-art uncooled FPA infrared detector produces crisp thermal images that reveal subtle temperature variations that can signal electro-mechanical problems. The EX320 can detect problems before they become critical, helping you increase safety, reduce production downtime , and eliminate potential fires. TV rate imaging (30 Hz) allows you to scan bus ducts and capture sharp images of moving targets.
Pinpoint Problems With Precision
The built-in Laser LocatIR™ projects a bright red dot on the target that enables you to associate the IR image with the real physical target. This feature greatly enhances worker safety by eliminating the tendency to "finger point" at problems in potentially hazardous electrical environments.
Interchangeable Optics
Many targets in your facility cannot be imaged or measured accurately without the proper optics. Optional lenses are available for the EX320 to meet your application needs. A telescope lens is ideal for inspecting distant targets such as overhead power lines. A wide angle lens nearly doubles the standard field-of-view for evaluating large objects from a short distance, such as roofs and electrical panels.
Smart Power Management
Lightweight, longlife Li-Ion batteries assure uninterrupted inspections. The EX320 includes an external 2-bay battery charger and an internal battery charger. A 12 VDC car/truck charger adapter is also available.
  • Field of view/min focus distance: 25° x 19° / 0.3 m
  • Thermal Sensitivity: 80 mK
  • Detector Type. Focal plane array (FPA) uncooled Vanadium Oxide microbolometer
  • Spectral range: 7.5 to 13 µm

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