07/26/2005 • Video security and monitoring

ZR-DH1621P Digital Recorder

The ZR-DH1621P is a compact, versatile, flexible and very powerful 16 Channel Triplex DVR.The unit allows the user to Play and Record whilst viewing in multi-screen mode, with the added functionality to control via Ethernet and back up storage to fire wire simultaneously. The matrix element to the DVR enables the flexibility of switching any of the 16 Cameras to your chosen monitor.Wavelet compression makes it possible to archive compact files with high image resolution, allow events to be backed up to removable media. (e.g. Memory Stick, CDR, DVD and HDD) Up to 1 TByte of storage is installed as standard by using 4 inbuilt HDD. If more capacity is required a further external 20 HDD can be simply connected via Firewire providing a total of up to 6TByte.

With inbuilt telemetry control you are able to control most popular fully functional cameras on the market. We have also built into the unit the availability to link seamlessly with our ZP-TX1500 RS485 telemetry. The user has the availability to control the DVR remotely either via RS485 keypad or Ethernet via
a standard web browser or client software which is issued under free license. Each unit incorporates automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment through an inbuilt calendar or Continuous Time Correction via Network Time Protocol (NTP) which is synchronized either by a Private or Government Time Server.

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