07/21/2005 • Laboratory appliances • Laboratory diagnostics

The Sirius luminometer

Sirius can be employed according to the individual needs of each user. In its basic configuration the luminometer is ready for standard measurements. Sirius can be upgraded to form a powerful measurement system for any luminescence application.

The Sirius luminometer measures standard glow chemistry of single samples from a variety of sample formats. For flash chemistry, and to make operation more convenient, the instrument can be formatted with one or two built-in automatic reagent injectors.

In stand-alone mode, the built-in microprocessor software supports four protocols for data evaluation, including background subtraction capabilities and replicate management, as well as printer output. Modular PC-Software further enhances performance by organizing the measurement dialog and data evaluation.

The Sirius Luminometer combines a very small footprint with excellent performance and outstanding ease of use. The retractable drawer slides the sample into the measurement chamber. Due to the unique design, a variety of sample formats can be accommodated. It is not necessary to press any key to process the samples, in stand-alone or in PC-operation. Closing the sample drawer initiates measurement automatically.

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