06/22/2005 • Sensor Technology

New pressure sensor catalogNew pressure sensor catalog

Kistler Instrumente AG offers a complete range of pressure sensors, matching amplifiers and systems for analyzing, optimizing and monitoring pressure measurement processes. In its new Pressure Sensors catalog Kistler presents the portfolio of sensors, systems, accessories and calibrators, and outlines their applications.

The introduction of this 122-page document explains the physical basis of piezoelectric measurement, which was invented 125 years ago this year, and piezoresistive measurement. The different technologies of sensors and their applications in engine development and monitoring, traffic engineering and process engineering are included. Sensors, cables, amplifiers, systems for analyzing and optimizing pressure measurement and the matching accessories are clearly and comprehensively tabulated, specified and described.

Kistler offers a selection of accurate and reliable pressure sensors suitable for service conditions ranging from extremely slow pressure gradients approaching absolute vacuum to instantaneous dynamic peaks of explosion pressures. The precision and dependability of the measurement technique and the application expertise mean Kistler sensors, transmitters and systems are likely to be found in oil wells, Formula 1 engines or space probes on missions to the edge of our solar system.

The Pressure Sensors catalog, which is primarily intended for users in process engineering, operators of industrial and power engineering facilities, and developers and manufacturers of combustion engines, is available in German, English and French.
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