06/17/2005 • Laboratory appliances • Medical tech • Microscopy / Imaging

Leica MZ FLIII & Leica Fluo Combi™: From Stereo To Micro

The top instrument for gene technology and molecular biology offers selecting, sorting and now also analyzing in the shortest possible time: Exprimed drosophila, C. elegans and arabidopsis can now be sorted with the same Leica MZ FLIII fluorescence stereomicroscope in 3D, and the quality of the gene expression can be examined immediately under microscopic magnification and resolution. No longer is it necessary to place the sensitive samples under an optical microscope. The new Leica Fluo Combi™ accessory now allows quick and simple switching between a stereo objective and an HR (High Resolution) Micro objective. The sharpness remains constant during the switching and refocusing is not necessary. The 1x plano or planapochromatic objective offers large viewing fields, large working distances and an excellent depth of field for manipulating and dissecting. The 12.5:1 zoom is still effective in the micro range so that finest fluorescent features can precisely be identified under a microscopic magnification of 400x (with 10x HR objective) and a resolution of 0.7 µm (1320 line pairs/mm) or 800x (with 20x HR objective) and a resolution of 0.8 µm (1260 line pairs/mm). Adding a 16x eyepiece results in a maximum magnification of 1280x. Stereo and micro mode ensure a comfortable binocular observation.

Starting immediately, every existing Leica MZ FLIII can be upgraded easily. You can take advantage of numerous filter sets (GFP, GFP Plus, GFP Plant, CFP, YFP, Texas Red, DsRED/Cy3™ , Cy5™ etc.) and from comprehensive protection against UV radiation. Take advantage of the benefits of motor drive for ergonomic focusing, sensitively and precisely position the samples on the gliding stage or keep the sample temperature on the Leica MATS thermo stage constant.
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