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The PowerGrip® GT3 – Once again available in the Walther Flender line of belts

The Walther Flender Group operates Europe's largest warehousing facility for timing belts and has now expanded its inventories with a further top-class timing belt design.
Thanks to the use of innovative manufacturing processes and parameters, the new PowerGrip® GT3 generation of belts offers a wide range of im-proved properties. These belts are distinguished above all by a further in-crease in power density and improved tooth jump properties.

The Power-Grip® GT3 belts in the 2MGT3, 3MGT3 and 5MGT3 pitch versions were conceived especially to satisfy the engineering requirements found in compact drive systems. Such systems are found in many contemporary applications – from home shop tools and kitchen equipment, to office ma-chines and domestic appliances, and on to precision adjustment motors and multi-axial applications.

The larger 8MGT3 and 14MGT3 timing belts are particularly suitable for high-performance drives used in machine tools, paper-making machinery and textile machines where absolute reliability and low maintenance needs are essential. Moreover, these two pitch designs satisfy the electrical con-ductivity requirements set down in ISO 9563 for use in atmospheres sub-ject to explosion hazard. Over and above that, they are available in de-signs without any silicone and thus are ideal for use in painting systems.

The special designs in the GT3 timing belts cover a broad range of proper-ties specifically demanded by users. Heat- and cold-resistant blends en-sure trouble-free functioning in synchronous belt drives at temperatures of from -30°C to +130°C.
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