06/06/2005 • Machine safety, industrial safety

Small, robust and maintenance-free for two years

The new Dräger Pac 5000 single-gas personal detector reliably monitors the ambient air for the presence of harmful concentrations of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide or oxygen. As well as offering straightforward operation and rapid warning functions, the instrument continuously displays the current gas concentration on its large display. Once activated, the instrument can be used for two years, maintenance-free. An infrared interface and a communication module allow easy configuration, calibration and downloading of the event logger (storing of 60 events) using software and a PC. Operation of the instrument with its two buttons is self-explanatory.

Small quick sensors and a clear display

The new Dräger XXS sensors have been developed as sensors "en miniature". They offer extremely fast electrochemical reaction times and short diffusion paths, respond in the blink of an eye and display any gas hazard immediately. The large display continuously shows current concentrations in large numbers. In an alarm situation or at the push of a button, the display can be backlit for a clearer readout.

Bump test mode for the function test

The instrument comes with a so-called bump test mode for the purposes of function testing. If a bump test is needed to check the calibration, the user will be reminded to the fact on the display. Testing can be performed manually or automatically, and the test result is stored in the event logger. The test frequency (in days) can be adjusted by the user, and the bump test settings are configured using a communication module and a PC with installed Pac Vision or CC Vision software. A bump test station is also available.

Adjustable operating period

This function allows the user to set an individual operating period (in days), e.g. for "calibration due date", "inspection due date" or an individual "out of order date".

Alarm and warning functions

Besides an audible (two-tone alarm) and visual alarm, the instrument also features a vibration alarm. A warning is given when concentration levels exceed the two set warning limits (or when the oxygen concentration falls below the set limit). In addition, the instrument warns the user before the end of its useful life and before the battery runs out, and points the user to any malfunctions. Depending on how the instrument is configured, the pre- or main alarm can be acknowledged.
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