qRT-PCR Assay Portfolios

Qiagen has launched the GeneGlobe database that comprises the first and largest collection of matching solutions for RNAi and gene expression analysis covering the entire human, mouse, and rat genomes. More than 70,000 predesigned siRNAs and validated, ready-to-use SYBR Green based qRT-PCR assays can be sourced from the easy-to-navigate, searchable database. The siRNA portfolio comprises two types of siRNA: HP GenomeWide and HP Validated siRNAs. Both are highly potent and specific siRNAs delivering guaranteed knockdown. The matching SYBR Green based qRT-PCR assay portfolio consists of QuantiTectPrimer Assays, for real-time RT-PCR as specific and sensitive as sequence-specific probe-based assays.
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