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Glass Pipette Handling / Cleaning / Wear

Glass Pipettes are sensitive to damage and expensive to replace. Therefore, safe and convenient handling becomes a priority in addition to analytical cleanliness. The quiver is equivalent to the pipette basket. However, in the quiver the placement of the pipettes is done without positioning, fittings, seals, or injector nozzles. The unique bath-soak technique of all Hoelzel Pipette Washers applies gentle cleaning without wear to the glass surface or graduation. The quiver system offers several advantages for the user: Up to nine quivers may be installed in the Hoelzel Glass Pipette Washer-Dryer at one time. This approach provides easy handling of the pipettes and a low carry-on weight for the laboratory personnel. Each one of the nine quivers will hold pipettes from 170 pc of 0,1 ml volume to 5 pc of 50 ml volume. All intermediate sizes or a mixture of sizes may be placed into the quiver as well. Each quiver is fitted with a carrying handle and an identification tag which can be attributed to a person, a laboratory, or a special cleaning task. After washing, rinsing, and drying all quivers are being returned to the original person or laboratory especially if the Hoelzel Pipette Washer has been installed outside of the immediate laboratory environment.
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