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Newest developments for protein separation by GPC/SEC

PSS presents a new generation of GPC gel especially designed for the separation of proteins. The new PROTEEMA gel is a stable and robust silica material, modified to provide high resolution and supreme performance. Monomers, dimers and trimers of enzymatic proteins can be baseline separated with PROTEEMA columns, as well as unknown proteins resulting from biotechnology processes. They are well suited for use with light scattering detectors.

PSS PROTEEMA has an outstanding performance in aqueous mobile phases at pH < 7, containing salts at various ionic strengths without limitations.
PROTEEMA is available in 8x300mm columns filled with 5 µm particles of a choice of three porosities: 100Å, 300Å and 1000Å, all showing moderate backpressures. PROTEEMA columns plate-count are in the range of 80.000m-1.
They cover molecular weights ranging from 100 D to 2,5x106 D (with Pullulan calibration) or from 300 D to 5,5x106 D (with Protein calibration).

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