Automated Explosives Detection

Rapiscan XRD1000 delivers automated explosives detection for your most stringent security applications. Utilizing next generation automated explosive detection algorithms, XRD1000 combines dual view, dual energy X-ray imaging with secondary substance identification (SI) based upon advanced X-ray diffraction technology.

Stage 1 analysis provides automated explosives detection through the use of advanced detection algorithms, resulting in more accurate density and mass estimations and precision threat localization. These threat location coordinates are then used by the Stage 2 X-ray diffraction system to positively identify the explosive or to accurately resolve innocuous (false alarm) substances. (each material has their own unique X-ray diffraction signature).

High detection, low false alarm, multi mode operation

XRD1000 provides a high probability of detection while at the same time maintaining an extremely low false alarm rate. Automatic operation reduces manpower needs and the incidence of human error. In fully automatic "High Threat" mode, XRD1000 achieves a peak throughput rate of 160 bags per hour. Extremely low false alarm rates results in very low numbers of bags requiring additional, time consuming security screening. Thus, the effective throughput of XRD1000 rivals that of other higher speed, higher false alarm, and more costly EDS.

XRD1000 can also be configured to allow manual operator interaction. In “Operator Interactive” mode, the security screener can manually direct the stage 2 diffractive X-ray system to inspect suspect items as displayed on stage 1 high quality X-ray images.

XRD1000 Non-explosive substance identification

XRD1000’s flexibility is further enhanced by the learning capability of the X-ray diffraction neural-net based substance identification algorithms and threat signature library. Non-explosive contraband substances, such as illicit drugs, can be added to the XRD1000 threat signature library, thus providing extended substance identification capabilities. Additionally, substance threat signature training can be conducted at the customer site with minimal impact to ongoing security screening operations.

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