05/02/2005 • Automation • Process automation / MSR technology

ABB presents Power Generation Information Manager 4.0 for energy utilities and the water industry

The integrated Power Generation Information Manager (PGIM), is a field-proven and at the same time future-proof package for Plant Information Management Systems (PIMS) for power- and heat generation as well as for the water industries. The Release 4.0 will be completely integrated in the IndustrialIT System 800xA and constitutes the archive server for long-term storage of process information and other plant data. Besides the plant history, it provides all the options expected of a modern-day PIMS. The integration of analytical and optimization capabilities into the automation environment represents the technology needed nowadays in order to assure sustained competitive advantages. With this combination, plants can be operated more intelligently and effectively, with concomitant cost savings. With its open, distributed client / server architecture, PGIM is also an ideal system for enabling an entire company to
  • acquire, store and consolidate data from production, control equipment and commercial systems
  • perform remote diagnostics for various plant components
  • visualize and analyze process values with the aid of a user-friendly operator interface
  • make data available to other evaluative applications as well (for example computations, optimization routines, Excel reporting)
  • supply maintenance and finance systems with process values, state variables and counter values
  • perform logging and computations for various applications in the energy market and in water supply and disposal facilities
The PGIM evolved from the field-proven PlantConnect PIMS, and thus possesses an installed base of more than 200 medium-size and large facilities in the power and heat generation sector, in industrial plants and water management facilities; that underlines its capabilities as a versatile, high-performance solution. The PGIM Aqua is also a version that meets the requirements of waste water plants laid down in ATV M 260.

Its downward-compatibility to existing PlantConnect installations means that when changing over to the IndustrialIT System 800xA control system there are no problems encountered in accepting the existing data stocks (for example long-term archives).

Besides the option of integration in the IndustrialIT System 800xA control system, the PGIM continues to be available as a stand-alone PIMS as well. This version's architecture and large number of interfaces to commonly used control systems render it particularly suitable for creating multi-facility production data management systems, for upgrading existing control systems to include state-of-the-art information management, and for integrating installed plants into company-wide information systems.
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