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TriLine-R - a strong profile

The new TriLine-R series of modular switch cabinets made by Striebel & John is a future-oriented development in modular design which has it's special strengths and advantages in systems for transmission and distribution of electrical energy in buildings. TriLine-R, that means: Simple system, fast engineering and production, safe application. At Hannover Messe 2005 we present type-tested switchgear combinations based on the TriLine-R system with a rated current of 850 A to 4'000 A.

The TriLine-R cabinet is a frame-based system where the frame is built up using a new unique steel profile with triangular closed shape. This particular new profile shape of TriLine-R forms the basis of the especially robust, highly variable modular cabinet system. This cabinet can be equipped with mounting plates and combined EDF sets as well as distribution and meter boards or a busbar system up to 4'000 A. Furthermore, the switchgear manufacturer may select object-specific equipment, such as TXG module system fields and different crossbars for the universal installation of electrical equipment.

Due to the grid of holes according to DIN 43660 (25 or 12.5 mm) in the cabinet profile and the internal grid dimension to DIN 43870 (H = 150 mm / W = 250 mm), electrical equipment can be installed in all directions (XYZ direction) without any restrictions. Two options are available for delivery: An empty cabinet including the rear panel, top sheet and door as a basic option, or the cabinet frame including the rear panel and optional attachments (top sheet, bottom sheet, side panels, doors, etc.). TriLine-R is available in size 8 and size 10 with a panel width of 1 to 5. The panel depth is 325 mm to 825 mm.

TriLine-R is a systems solution that meets all technical requirements while considering all economic aspects. Thus, all system parts were engineered with a view to versatile use.

The two-piece corner support is one of the most versatile, innovative system parts. It ensures easy installation of the top sheet as well as precise symmetry and high stability while being easy to fit. The corner support provides for exact fitting of the base corner elements. When assembling the base, a guide piece of the corner support ensures the exact fit. Furthermore, the corner support contributes to optimum positioning when connecting several cabinets in a row.

Another well-engineered solution is the cabinet hinge. This system element performs several functions. It may be used as a support for doors and rear panels, serves as a fixing device for connecting cabinets, and for fastening the side panels. Furthermore, the lock rods are fixed in place by the cabinet hinge. The variety of parts is considerably reduced by this arrangement, making the TriLine-R system an economic solution.

The WR frame support is the piece to which the well known WR mounting frame and the proven Striebel & John TXG modular system panels are fitted. Furthermore, mounting plates can be fixed in alignment with the outer profile or adjustable within the 25 mm grid.

Perfect dimensions, optimized variants for all crossbars and brackets allow the user to engineer a versatile, highly functional internal configuration of a switchgear system. The consistent grid dimension allows for individual positioning of all crossbars. Thus, the crossbar and the crossbar support are of special importance. With the help of the crossbar support, connections between universal / universal crossbars as well as TriLine-R profiles / universal crossbars or Triline-R profiles / WR crossbars can be implemented. When rotated by 180 degrees, the crossbar support may be used for WR crossbar / WR crossbar connections.

An entirely new design was developed for the swivel handle which harmoniously matches the attractive cabinet design. Furthermore, the door surface that may accommodate electrical equipment is enlarged by the position of the swivel handle. The door made of sheet steel with a thickness of 2 mm is available as a closed version or with safety glass 3 mm thick. The opening angle is 135 degrees, and furthermore, a hinge for an opening angle of 180 degrees is available. The segmented doors are available in heights 300 to 900 mm and can be fitted in any position along the cabinet height.

The newly developed base is very robust, easy to assemble, suitable for stacking, and ensures optimum stability of the switch cabinets. Furthermore, the cabinet is easy to transport, because the covers can simply be taken off. The cover panels are available in closed design or with cut-outs for different flange sizes. Split base sheets (fixed and mobile elements) provide for easy, flexible introduction of cables and wires.

TriLine-R is a series of modular switch cabinets that was made for future needs. The optimum functions and individual features in the cabinet design and cabinet equipment of TriLine-R offer the switchgear manufacturer safety and reliability at minimum cost.
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