04/28/2005 • Analytics • Laboratory appliances

Apollo II Ion Funnel ESI Source for FTMS

Bruker Daltonics announces the Apollo II ESI source for its apex-Qe line of hybrid Q-q-FTMS mass spectrometers. The design of the Apollo II source is based on advanced, proprietary ion funnel technology, and very significantly improves the sensitivity and analysis speed of the apex-Qe FTMS platform. The result is an order-of-magnitude improvement in sensitivity for all modes of FTMS accurate mass measurement, including FTMS, MS/FTMS, MS/FTMSN, as well as LC/FTMS and LC/MS/FTMS. The apex-Qe is an easy-to-use, robust FTMS system for ultra-high performance life-science mass spectrometry. With Apollo II it now offers outstanding FTMS/MS sensitivity, resolution and mass accuracy.
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