04/15/2005 • Image processing / Optical metrology

Real-Time Inspection of Adhesive Application

Since 1988, Quiss has been developing vision systems for automatic 100 %-inspections of adhesive and sealant application, based on intelligent image processing with focus on automotive manufacturing and supply industries. This expertise is reflected in the number of installed Quiss systems in the most efficient automotive plants worldwide.
The Quiss online inspection sytems RTVision.t and RTVision.tr inspect width, gaps and position of the adhesive or sealant bead simultaneously during application. They are the ideal solution for optimizing cycle times or fitting an inspection system into a complex, spatially restricted environment. The online sensor with integrated maintenance-free LED illumination and three cameras, is mounted directly onto the application nozzle and is carried along with the application system.
The system variant RTVision.tr additionally offers an automated bead repair. In the first run the system inspects and reports application gaps that are closed in a second run: precisely, with no overlapping. With this unique functionality the system improves efficiency and profitability as it reduces the number of discarded components and optimizes consequently production time and costs.

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