03/02/2005 • Microscopy / Imaging

NightOWL II LB 983 – Superiority in Molecular Imaging

The latest in-vivo Imaging system NightOWL II LB 983 from BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES is equipped with extreme sensitive CCD cameras (16-bit, cooled to -80°C). A variety of options makes easy adaption to different applications possible. Whole animals and even plants can be imaged as well as blots, gels, microplates, cell culture dishes and arrays.

The sample format can be chosen between 3x3 cm up to 26x26 to get optimum results for every object. The evaluation software enables quantification of bioluminescence and fluorescence pictures, as well in infrared area. Special sample trays allow multimodal imaging, as well with MRI, PET and µPET instruments.
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