02/28/2005 • Analytics • Focus on Products at Analytica

Ultimate Glass Pipette Cleanliness

Glass Pipettes, because of their repeated use in biochemical-, microbiological-, pharmaceutical-, clinical- and environmental laboratories, are subject to extreme cleanliness. A rather unique approach is being applied to achieve this ultimate task: the "total immersion technique". This means that, the pipettes are being cleaned in a submerged full bath which may be heated freely anywhere to a disinfectant 95°C. The variable soaking and rinsing dwell times are the key to ultimate cleanliness. The temperature provides a thermal bath agitation which ensures the contact of the cleaning bath to all surfaces of the Glass Pipettes, inside the capillary and outside. The drying of the pipettes is performed within the same system at up to 130°C. All soaking-, washing-, neutralizing-, rinsing-, and drying parameters are programmable. The Glass Pipettes are being held by up to nine individual stainless steel baskets. The baskets supply individuality for the user and a high load capacity for the laboratory. The "total immersion technique" provides the ultimate cleaning approach versus modified laboratory glass ware washers.
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