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Precision Automated Dispensing Without Loss of Cell Viability

The aliQuot low-volume liquid dispenser with automated Stacker from Genetix allows for the controlled dispensing of cells. It's unique valve and manifold system eliminates damage to cells associated with traditional pump and valve mechanisms, allowing for fast, automated cell dispensing whilst maintaining an equivalent viability to that seen with manual procedures.

Mammalian cells are increasingly being used for processes such as protein and antibody production, pharmaceutical screening and toxicity testing. These applications are routinely carried out in 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates. In addition, there is a need to accurately dispense multiple small volumes of sterile medium as well as cell suspensions. With these small volumes the process is both tedious and inaccurate if done manually.

Compact in design, fitting easily into a standard laminar flow cabinet to maintain sterility, the aliQuot is ideal for rapidly and reproducibly dispensing liquid or suspensions in the 1–350 ml range into all the plate formats listed above. Fitted with additional automated Stacker it can be programmed to handle up to 30 microplates, including lid removal and replacement, providing true walk-away high-productivity and convenience.
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