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Delphin’s modular TopMessage devices enable any physical measurement (e.g. temperature, pressure, flow, vibration) to be acquired, processed and stored. The devices are comprised of two I/O modules which can be combined in any way and selected according to the application. I/O modules are available with analog and digital input/outputs. Additional devices can be connected to the master device enabling both small and large applications to be realized.

TopMessage features

  • Uses existing data networks
  • Integrated data storage
  • Signal conditioning within device
  • Full potential isolation
  • Universal input/outputs
  • Additional functions / virtual channels
  • Connecting external devices

    TopMessage devices can operate as stand alone units because of their 1GB data storage capability. High level measurement accuracy, using 24 bit resolution, provides precise measurement data acquisition. Several serial ports enable direct connection to modems, weighing machines and large displays. The devices can be configured via a PC using the “Busmanager” software. Configuration data is transmitted and securely stored within the devices. Configuration can be performed online, even during measuring. Delphin also provides software packages for analysis, operation and monitoring, e.g. ProfiSignal and MHouse. Drivers are available for the majority of software packages currently being used.

    Using existing networks

    Devices can be simply integrated into existing data networks enabling data access– depending on rights – from anywhere within the organization. Ordinary PCs can be used here.

    Integrated data storage

    TopMessage devices can operate as stand alone units and are therefore protected against the unreliability of PCs and networks. If the network malfunctions, measurement data acquisition and storage can still continue. TopMessage devices are equipped with a dedicated data storage capability of up to 1GB. This guarantees secure data acquisition independently from PCs.

    Signal conditioning within the device

    TopMessage devices can directly acquire process measurement data (e.g. temperature, pressure, quantities). Measurement values are scaled and linearly saved (e.g. bar, Liter/sec, m/min, °C..). Scaling from Pt100(0) and any thermocouple are already preconfigured. Individual and non-linear scaling can easily be incorporated by the user using value tables or formulas.

    Full potential isolation

    Each analog input can be separately configured as a PT100, thermocouple, volt or mA signal. There is no longer any need for expensive measurement transducers. Potential isolation also means no need for isolating amplifiers giving cost and space benefits. All analog inputs for the I/O modules are potentially isolated from one another. Dangerous earth loops are effectively suppressed. Electrical supply and all other ports are galvanically isolated.

    Additional functions / virtual channels

    TopMessage devices are equipped with many useful functions (virtual channels). For example, when limit values are exceeded, alarm reports can be sent or digital outputs switched on. Flow signals can also be integrated, impulses counted or rated values output.

    Connecting external devices

    External devices (e.g. weighing machines, modems) can be connected to TopMessage devices via a number of serial ports. Two types of serial ports are available - RS232 and RS485. Depending on the type of external device, 2-way communication is possible via an optional ModBus (RS232/LAN) or Profibus DP.
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