02/14/2005 • Metrology

Test Controller e.pac (Version V3)

The automation of test procedures is a daily challenge for planers and operators of component test stands.

The further development e.pac of Gantner Instruments has the ability to run a graphical generated functionality absolute independent. The new e.pac communicates with the measuring and I/O-modules and read so measuring values, states and other process values, allocates, combines, evaluates, transmits and gives analogue or digital signals back to the process back to recording. New is also the higher performance regarding speed, e. g. 20 PID and 90 arithmetic steps can be parameterized with 1 kHz. With the V3 version of e.pac new function blocks like filter and envelope curve are available as well as 16 MByte configurable data memory.

This solution shows new perspectives during the survey of several measuring value, which are in a interrelationship, e. g. by measurements of strains depending on pressure and temperature at a container in a burst test or the evaluation of fitting tolerances through the measurement of rotation angle, applied torque, axial force and temperature.

e.pac completed together with the graphical programming system e.con the series e.bloxx to a very powerful and at the same time to a very efficient measuring and test system.
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