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New: Intelligent Fail Safe – the safety plus for your sensitive cell cultures

Neutral pH values in the range of 7.0-7.5 are required for optimum cell growth and high culture yields in cell and tissue culture. If these tolerance limits are exceeded in the direction of an alkaline or acidic environment due to an unnoticed malfunction in the CO2 supply, for example, then increased cell death results.

The Intelligent Fail Safe independent monitoring function is an additional safety function in Binder CO2 incubators, which serves to prevent unnoticed deviations of the CO2 content from the set point in the incubator.

The opening frequency of the solenoid valve that is required to reach the selected CO2 concentration is stored during undisturbed operation of the incubator. The actual clock frequency is compared with the stored frequency during subsequent operation of the unit. In the rare event of an unnoticed deviation of the CO2 concentration from the set point, the Intelligent Fail Safe assumes control by resetting the correct opening frequency of the valve.

The Intelligent Fail Safe thus ensures continuous monitoring of the CO2 concentration. Binder is now offering the Intelligent Fail Safe as an option in its CB incubator series.
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