12/22/2004 • Metrology • Sensor Technology

The LTT SensorCorder

The LTT SensorCorder is a mobile measurement system with 8 or 16 galvanic seperated Strain Gauge, Volt und ICP inputs, which are adjustable – it depends of the sensor – with the software LTT view. Measurement resolution is 16 bits. The maximum sampel rate is 500 KHz per channel. The galvanic isolation works in the frequency range of 0 to 50 kHz.

Automatic auto zero, analog and digital input filters, internal shunt calibration, quarter, half and fullbridge connection and a AC / DC-coupling complete the system. The internal memory is upgradable from 4 MS per channel up to 16 MS per channel.

The system was developed especially for ultrafast long- and short time measurements. The system is connected with eitherethernet (1000/100/10 BaseT), WLAN, SCSI, USB or FireWire to a PC. Using the DLL you can integrate other applications, for example FAMOS, LabView, DIAdem, MATLAB, Mgraph.

The LTT SensorCorder is customizable for your needs The system is available
  • as compact black box with 8 or 16 channels, units are cascadable up to 4096 channels!
  • An internal HDD (40 GB, optional), allows for PC independent operation.
  • as 19'' Rack in silverdesign (per rack 32 channels)

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