10/11/2004 • Sensor Technology

High speed LED micrometer ideal for low cost thickness measurement

In order to accurately measure the geometric dimensions of moving products in fast, dynamic manufacturing and quality control environments, machine builders, design engineers and systems integrators need to ensure that the sensor systems they use on their machines are both cost effective and have the required resolution, accuracy and repeatability to perform reliably in the end user’s application.
These applications range from special purpose machines and running conveyors, through to extrusion lines, rolling and drawing processes, automated production, offline inspection and testing. Sensor systems manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has launched a measurement system that helps systems integrators and their end user customers achieve all these objectives at the lowest possible price.
The optoCONTROL 2600 is a non-contact, high speed, LED-micrometer measurement system with in-built high resolution CCD camera for measuring a wide range of geometric dimensions. The system’s high sampling rate (2.3 kHz), excellent accuracy/repeatability (1 µm) and outstanding resolution (0.25 µm), as well as an attractive price-performance ratio, make it an ideal choice for machine designers.
Suitable for continuous an piece-part inspection, the optoCONTROL 2600 measures the dimensions of a target or the position of an edge by using the “shadow” principle. The measurement system consists of a sensor unit and a controller. In operation, the system produces a parallel light curtain using the LED light source. The solid state CCD camera in the receiver section accurately measures the target contour formed by the shadow. The sensor unit is controlled and evaluated by a “smart” controller with graphical display for the operation and measurement function.

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