10/01/2004 • Metrology • Sensor Technology

1 Transmitter – 3 Physical Quantities: CO2 - relative Humidity - Temperature

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has become an important factor in assessing and controlling ventilation and air quality in buildings. Outside CO2 levels are very low and considered indicative of fresh air. Indoors, the exhaled breath of building occupants contributes additional CO2. The measurement of the difference between inside and outside CO2 concentrations gives an excellent indication of the ventilation rate in a space. When CO2 levels are high, people often complain of headaches, lethargy and poor concentration. The cause of these symptoms is not CO2 but rather the build-up of other indoor gases and contaminants that occur when ventilation rates are below accepted standards. As a result CO2 is an excellent indicator of how much fresh air ventilation is provided to a space.

CO2 is an important building control parameter because it can provide real time indication of weather a building is under ventilated, resulting in potential air quality problems or over ventilated and wasting energy. The use of CO2 is increasingly being recognized as important as temperature and humidity measurement in a space. The EE80 made by E+E Elektronik, is the first transmitter on the market that accurately measures these three most critical building control parameters in a single, easy to install, wall mount enclosure.

The EE80 utilizes a unique design that offers significant advantages over current CO2 sensing approaches. First, the infrared sensor produces 80% less heat. This means more accurate temperature and humidity measurement. Second the sensor utilizes a unique self-calibration method that does not rely on occupancy variation in the space. This assures that sensors will maintain long-term stability in all types of spaces. The result is that EE80 is completely maintenance free over it’s 15 year rated life. The sensor measures 0-2000 ppm CO2 and 10 to 90% RH.

The EE80 Series is available in a base model that incorporates temperature and CO2 measurements. Humidity measurement capability can easily be added by installing a calibrated plug-in humidity measurement module. This feature allows for a simple and inexpensive upgrade of all units to provide accurate humidity measurement after installation.

E+E Elektronik is an ISO TS16949:2002 certified, Austrian based company that is a world leader in sensing technologies for automotive, industrial and building control applications.

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