10/01/2004 • Sensor Technology

JUMO bimetal temperature switches with a slow-action contact

JUMO GmbH & Co. KG, Fulda, Germany, has expanded its range of bimetal temperature switches. In addition to the versions with a snap-action contact, models with a slow-action contact are now available. This type of contact has characteristically small switching differentials. The contacts are gold-plated, and are especially suitable for switching low voltages and currents.

The switching points can lie between 5°C and 140°C (higher switching points on request), and the contacts can be implemented as make or break contacts. The contact ratings are 8A / 12V DC, 4A / 24V DC or 6A / 120V AC.
The switching differential for a slow-action contact is considerably smaller than for a snap-action contact. When measured in a water bath, at a switching temperature of 40°C, the reset temperature is about
1.5°C lower. The connecting cable entry is sealed, thus providing enclosure protection to IP67. This level of protection can also be achieved by the encapsulated bimetal temperature switches with a snap-action contact. These switches are universally applicable in machinery and plant engineering.
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