08/17/2004 • Mechanical process technology • Sensor Technology

Non intrusive flow measurement at temperatures as high as 400°C

FLEXIM's WaveInjector was engineered to extend the temperature range of clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement. This new patented transducer mounting fixture allows for a non intrusive flow measurement at temperatures as high as 400°C. Since the WaveInjector" is a purely mechanical solution, it can also be used in explosive atmosphere.

When fixed with the WaveInjector", the flow transducers send the sound signals into the hot pipe wall via optimized metallic coupling plates. Because of the temperature decrease caused by the coupling plates, no special high temperature transducers are needed. The acoustic contact between the coupling plates and the hot pipe wall is ensured by a metal foil specially adapted to the temperature of the pipe. The foil is temperature stable and ensure a good measuring function on the long run.

The WaveInjector" realizes a long-time temperature stable clamp-on ultrasonic flow measurement at high temperatures with a good acoustic efficiency. It offers you the well known advantage of the clamp-on ultrasonic technology: a non-invasive measurement with a high dynamic range and a high flexibility.
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