08/04/2004 • Automation • Industrial PCs

The SBCGEO is a general-purpose industrial single board PC

The SBCGEO is a general-purpose industrial single board PC, ideally suited for embedded applications. The SBCGEO is built on the National Semiconductor GEODE GX1 microprocessor, extending the CPU's functions to provide a complete embedded computer platform.

GESPAC has chosen the EBX form factor for this industrial embedded computing platform. It combines PC compatibility with PCI and PC104 extensions. The SBCGEO is ideally suited for rugged industrial, low power embedded applications.

The NS GX1 processor in a 352-Terminal Ball Grid Array (BGA) package is a 32-bit, x86 Processor with a maximum clock speed of 333 MHz, a 16k unified L1 cache, flexible power management, a 16bit XpressAUDIO system, a 2D graphics accelerator, an LCD/VGA w/MPEGII controller, both PCI and PC104 bus interfaces, and up to 128 MB SDRAM. This version is available for a temperature range 0°C to +85°C. The board offers a 32-pin memory extension socket for DiskOnChip and an optional CompactFlash II socket to support IDE Flash Disk or IBM 340MB/1GB MicroDrive HDD.

The I/O chipset NS PC97317 + SMC669 provides the standard solution to the most commonly used ISA and PCI peripherals. This fully Plug and Play (PnP) compatible chip conforms to the Plug and Play ISA Specification Version 1.0a, May 5, 1994, and meets specifications defined in the PC97 Hardware Design Guide. It features a Controller/ Extender that is fully compliant with Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Revision 1.0 requirements.

The devices incorporate: an advanced Real-Time Clock module that provides both RTC timekeeping and Advanced Power Control functionality, a Floppy Disk Controller, a Keyboard and Mouse Controller, two enhanced Serial Ports with Infrared support, a full IEEE 1284 Parallel Port. The devices also provide: An LED drive output to comply with PC97 specifications, support for Power Management (PM), including a WATCHDOG timer and standard PC-AT address decoding for on-chip functions. The device's Infrared (IR) interface complies with the HP-SIR and SHARP-IR standards, and supports all four basic protocols for Consumer Remote Control circuitry (RC-5, RC-5 extended, RECS80 and NEC).

A 10/100 Mbps Ethernet controller from Realtek 8139C with BOOT ROM is also included in the design. As an option, a second Ethernet controller can be mounted. The two IDE interfaces support up to four IDE devices. The SBCGEO is fully compatible with EMC regulations.

The supported operating systems are: Microsoft's Windows 2000, 9X, NT, and CE; Sun Microsystems Java; WindRiver Systems VxWorks; QNX Software Systems QNX; Linux. The SBCGEO-1 has a TTL interface for TFT flat panel displays, and an optional NTSC/PAL TV-Out interface. The SBCGEO-2 has an LVDS interface for TFT flat panel displays.

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