07/27/2004 • Image processing / Optical metrology

New software allows Machine Vision projects to be easily set up, tested, amended and managed

Vision Control, the specialist for Machine Vision components, introduces a new version of it's VCWin universal user interface for Machine Vision systems. This allows Machine Vision projects to be easily set up, tested, amended and managed. In contrast to common practice, every Machine Vision system can be set up with the same user interface. All systems are hence operated in the same way.

Target groups for the VCWin user interface are users in the field of automation technology, as well as mechanical engineers and plant engineers, who work with a range of different Machine Vision projects and wish to open up new markets with the use of professional and innovative Machine Vision components.

Effective and time-saving

The universal VCWin software makes retraining when changing between different systems simply unnecessary. All systems, from simple vision sensors through smart cameras and up to multi-camera systems are all operated in the same way. Learned just once, the experience gained can then be carried over and directly used for other projects. All the commands available in the user interface can be tested immediately and optimised for the application concerned. This allows the commissioning of equipment to become considerably simpler than it was previously.

Open and transparent

VCWin operates in plain language. The structure is similar to that of high level languages, with conditions, labels, jumps and subroutines all available and easy to use. This makes test programs both transparent and open and easy for the user to understand. Parameters can be inputted and immediately tested to see if they actually make sense, furthermore VCWin allows both the graphical and statistical display of results.

Stable and reliable

The separation of the operation of the vision system from the actual Machine Vision processing leads to exceptionally stable conditions. The Machine Vision takes place on a robust and reliable processor platform whilst operation conveniently takes place on a PC. This means that there are no compatibility problems, VCWin recognizes which hardware resources of the vision system are available and manages them accordingly. VCWin, communicative and with a guaranteed future, uses the standard VICOREM remote control code to communicate with the Machine Vision. It doesn't matter if the vision project was done last year, is being done today or will be done in two years time, VCWin is always able to work with past, current and future vision systems due to its standardized remote control code.
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