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Sewage sludge drying

Several belt driers were built so far especially for sewage sludge.
This system was optimized and further developed on the basis of the experience values of these plants as well as by means of additional laboratory tests. Thus we now can supply a powerful drying unit with the following characteristics:
  • simple and clear construction by few proven and tested components
  • small space required
  • uncomplicated operation and maintenance because of the small and clear system
  • flexible to install (air and heating system variable to place). Realizable as single or multi- belt drier, depending on the space available and the throughput rate
  • cooling zone for product cooling
  • dedusting of the exhaust air
  • heat recovery by means of exhaust air recirculation (circulating air system); thus reduction of the exhaust volume flow and reduced consumption
  • waste heat utilizing of the heated cooling air
  • alternating air duct system (upper and lower ventilation) or multi-belt system for careful and constant drying of the product
  • parts with product contact largely made of stainless steel to increase the operating time
  • fast and problem-free start-up and shutdown
  • high-quality final product, granulated, dust-free, hygienized, storable
  • best accessibility to the product-carrying parts at the drier (drying belt) by means of extensive doors and inspection windows; thus optimum control and cleaning possibilites
  • fully automatic 24 h operation possible
  • automatic belt cleaning brushes to reduce the waiting period
  • full and partial drying in one step, drying degree adjustable from 60 up to 95 % DS
  • low-temperature drying at 100 up to 130 °C. Long operating life through low heat stress; low vapour stress; fast start-up and shutdown through small heat storage capacity.
  • flexible heating through the most various sources of energy (fuel oil, natural gas, sewer gas, steam, water, thermal oil)
  • utilization of low-calorific, external waste heat (air, flue gas, water, steam) possible without any problems
  • drying without remixing of dry product
  • product conveyance by the moved belt. No frictional, shearing or centrifugal stress of the product. No product abrasion. Long operating life through minimum wear.
  • Exactly defined, variable retention time. Thus optimum adaptation to the required DS content and throughput rate.
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