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Following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, in New York City, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created and organized the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which immediately began calling on each airport to improve its security checkpoint operations. It was at that time the nation took full advantage of Garrett Metal Detectors' wealth of experience in security screening checkpoints. The company has provided security checkpoint screening at the Olympic Games since 1984.

Garrett quickly responded to the T.S.A.'s request by supplying U.S. airports with the SuperWand hand-held metal detector. The SuperWand locates potentially lethal metallic objects with extreme accuracy using a unique 360° detection field with uniform sensitivity along the scan area and pinpointing tip. It features a distinctive One-Touch button operation as well an ergonomic shape that makes the SuperWand comfortable and less tiring for extended hours of scanning. Its green (Operate), red (Alarm, and amber (Low Battery) LED lights provide instant operation-mode information. The SuperWand can also be switched to use a clear audible or silent/vibrate LED alarm signal where scanning needs to be less conspicuous. Because the unit provides maximum sensitivity with automatic retuning, no adjusting is ever required.

In addition to the SuperWand, Garrett was chosen to supply the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based PD 6500i pinpoint walk-through metal detector to select airports across the country. The PD 6500i provides superior detection of weapons and contraband while offering state-of-the-art discrimination capabilities of harmless items such as coins, jewelry, keys, cigarette packs and shoe shanks. It also offers 33 distinct zones for complete target pinpointing on the left, center and right side of the body from head to toe. Its easy-to-view pacing lights provide smooth, efficient traffic flow.

The unit's easy-to-use controls, simple menu selections and touchpads also make the PD 6500i user friendly. The PD 6500i is not only used in airports around the world, but in schools, courthouses, correctional facilities, event security, loss prevention and corporate security applications as well.

Inevitably there will be passengers who are in a hurry to catch a flight and the holiday season will bring about an increase in air travel. Regardless of the situation, however, traffic flow can consistently run smoothly when the proper equipment and trained personnel are in place at security checkpoints. When the PD 6500i is used in conjunction with hand-held detectors, such as the SuperWand and SuperScanner, traffic flow during peak seasons can remain consistent and effective. In addition, Garrett Metal Detectors is the only company in the industry that offers free training seminars on the installation, use and maintenance of metal detection equipment.
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