06/04/2004 • Security, Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection

Ideal security of open displays before theft

The security of high-quality products in displays represents a problem in many shops, department stores and galleries. Like that it is necessary from sales and presentation criteria to freely visibly present to the potential customer the commodity on the other hand thereby the substantial danger of the theft exists. This problem arises to decoration and clock departments of larger department stores before all in perfumeries -, and in drugstore markets.

Here the infrared light curtain IRL/2 of the manufacturer Telenot represents just a as simple as practical solution.

The light curtain supervises the open display reached through and detects all subjects more largely equivalent six centimeters approximately. Both the distance and the height of the surface which can be supervised are variable. The detector borders can be attached in a distance from 0,5 to 10 meters and are variable in the height, depending upon need of the surface which can be supervised, from 33 to 243 centimeters. If a reaching through attempt takes place, the alerting can acoustically and/or optically locally or at a set off display section be brought to the announcement.

Frequently the light curtain is used besides for the security of large entrance doors of department stores. Here the IRL/2 in many cases represents the only and also most economical solution.
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