06/02/2004 • Mechanical process technology • Systems and Components

The ultimate Tumbler Screener

Following our Slogan we are continuously further developing our well known Tumbler screening machines. Here after we would like to present you our latest developments which will make our Tumbler screeners even more attractive and better suitable for the customer's needs. We are specialized in fine screening and multi-deck separations from 30 microns up. Customers can assist and test their product in our new and modern test centre under real production conditions. All kind of products of all kind of industries can be tested.
  • Totally modular setup, no welded bottom pan
  • Practically each diameter can be manufactured
  • Bottom outlet can be placed at any 360° position
  • No pressed bottom pan part required, only intermediate rings
  • Reduced intermediate ring heights as low as 80 mm
  • Separate pressed and very robust cover
  • Lower weights of single parts
  • Safe and solid brackets for the clamp screws
  • All parts self centring and robust
  • Dust or gas tight design (for standard or internally fixed screens)
  • Easy to dismantle and to clean
  • New self clamping gasket system fixed to the intermediate rings
  • No need to change the former U-shaped gaskets on the screen frames
  • Very few welds on the parts in contact with product
  • Simple handling
  • Multiple variations of screen setup possible
  • Optional: very solid quick clamps
  • Reduced production costs
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