05/10/2004 • Metrology • Process automation / MSR technology


Digital supersedes analogue.
High time also in total vacuum measurement.

The clock of analogue measuring instruments is gradually running down. Also in the industrial manufacture under vacuum. Digital precision instruments are increasingly employed in the interest of increased efficiency, productivity and quality.
Pfeiffer Vacuum reacted timely and was the first manufacturer worldwide to present a complete measuring instrument programme in the field of digital total pressure measurement that can be adapted modular-fashion to any industrial vacuum application.

DigiLine. The new digital modular system.

Compared with analogue measuring methods, the new digital measuring instrument generation offers more precision, simplest calibration but, above all, the transmission of measuring data for process control and documentation without loss and errors. Serial interfaces make DigiLine link-up and dialogue-capable, creating the optimum prerequisite for incorporation into automated manufacturing processes. The measuring range is from 1 x 10-9 mbar to 2 bar. The modular system includes 4 different measuring tubes (transmitters),
2 display units, 2 power supply units and 2 Pofibus converters (DeviceNet optional). All components can be freely inter-configured and connected without seamlessly.

The transmitter HPT 100 (Pirani-Bayard-Alpert) measures in the range from 1 x 10-9 to 1000 mbar, the PPT 100 (Pirani) from 1 x 10-4 to 1000 mbar, the RPT 100 (Pirani/Piezo) from 1 x 10-4 to 1200 mbar and the CPT 100 (Piezo) from 1 to 2000 mbar.

No more cable mess.
DigiLine "cascades" up to 15 transmitters.

While with analogue measuring data transmission each transmitter requires its own data cable, DigiLine makes do with a single line – even when combining up to 15 transmitters. The digital path allows separate address allocation. In this way all information flows via data bus like a cascade from transmitter to transmitter and to the control unit, where secure recognition is effected by way of address selection. The conventional "cable mess" is a thing of the past, additional cards in the control are obsolete.

Field bus converted for integration in the system control.
DeviceNet for the USA. Profibus for Europe.

The use of field bus systems is gaining momentum. For this reason Pfeiffer Vacuum offers the appropriate optional converters for the DigiLine transmitters for integration in the system control. The DeviceNet converter is available for the US-American semi-conductor manufacturers, which is the component typically used in the USA. Europe on the other hand usually makes use of the Profibus, which has established itself as a standardised protocol over here. Up to 126 actuators, such as turbo pump and temperature sensors, can be connected via both DeviceNet and Profibus.
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