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Rapid Moisture/Fat Analyzer

Partnering high performance NMR technology with the reliable drying capability and the versatile analytical software of the SMART System5 to create a moisture and fat analyzer designed to yield fast, accurate results without solvents or calibration.

Fast & Accurate

The SMART Trac System uses a combination of proprietary microwave drying technology and NMR for a direct, accurate analysis of fat and moisture in minutes, giving you more time to make adjustments to your process and reduce out-of-specification products.


The SMART Trac does not use solvents or other hazardous chemicals.


You don't have to be a chemist to get accurate results. The SMART Trac does not require frequent calibration like NIR and FTIR instruments. It is not affected by changes in the color or texture of the sample, nor is it dependent on sample uniformity. SMARTWareı software stores methods and test results and guides you through tests.

The overall objective for quality is to make a consistent product that meets specifications on a regular basis. To achieve this goal, you must analyze products as early as possible to detect defective products prior to adding value. As you review these instrument choices, you must first determine if you make changes with the information that you gather to impact quality in your final product.
  • Are you checking incoming raw materials for moisture, fat or both?
  • Are raw materials processed further at your facility?
  • Do you add ingredients such as textured vegetable protein?
  • Do you have to measure low levels of fat?
  • Do you have to determine the total fat of the finished product?
CEM's line of SMART instruments for moisture, fat and protein analysis can provide your facility with accurate results in minutes for a wide variety of products, enabling you to maximize your yield, meet product and nutrition specifications and reduce expenses through optimized process control.

AOAC Approval

The SMART line of instrumentation meets AOAC approval for moisture analysis. The SMART Tracı System also meets AOAC approval for fat analysis.


Accuracy is important. If you can't trust your results, you are limited in what you can do to improve your process. The SMART line of instruments has been engineered with precision in mind. From the temperature feedback system to the shape of the cavity, these systems were designed to ensure you get fast, accurate results every time with test precision to 0.01%.


The SMART line of instruments are the only rapid fat analyzers that do not require calibration. Other rapid techniques require frequent calibration of the instrument to ensure proper analysis.

Direct Test

The SMART Trac System is the only direct, rapid technique that determines free and chemically bound fat. Indirect methods (such as near infrared systems) only measure the fat in a small portion of a sample, which a beam of light has been reflected off of or sent through. The SMART Trac System measures fat throughout the entire sample. This direct measurement yields an accurate analysis that is not dependent on sample uniformity and is not affected by changes in color or texture. SMART ProFat calculates fat and protein based on the moisture results.


The SMART line of instruments provide accurate results in minutes. It can take hours to get test results using conventional methods and other rapid techniques are not as precise.


The patented technology incorporated in the SMART Trac System requires no solvent or acid. The use of this technology allows accurate and precise results without chemicals, thus eliminating the environmental hazards inherent in their disposal. No other direct methods of fat measurement can provide equal accuracy without the use of solvents or acids. The SMART ProFatı does not use chemicals, as it yields calculated fat and protein results.

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