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Laser Particle Sizer analysette 22 COMPACT

Laser diffraction is currently the most efficient process for the determination of particle size distributions in a wide measurement range (10 nanometres to multiple millimetres). The solid samples are dispersed either dry into the air stream (powder) or wet in liquid (suspension).

The advantages of this technology are found in very short measuring times, automated processes (calibration, measurement procedure, cleaning) as well as high precision and reproducibility of the measurement results.

The almost unlimited opportunities for processing of the results also represent an advance compared with typical methods of particle size analysis.

The analysette 22 COMPACT with its excellent price/performance ratio is the ideal basic model. It is suitable for laboratories switching from the typical methods (sieving, sedimentation, image analysis) as well as for newcomers to particle size analysis and shows what can be done in particle measurement technology, even with a modest budget. 

  • measuring range from 0.3 to 300 µm
  • wet and dry dispersion in a single instrument
  • One-Touch operation; the measurement is started by pressing a button
  • fully automatic measuring process, evaluation and cleaning
  • for routine particle size analysis in laboratory or in production
  • compact, portable, bench top instrument
  • high reproducibility
  • Auto-alignment of the beam
  • rapid location of the measuring cell
  • easy cleaning of the measuring cell
  • individually programmable for every application
  • Processor-controlled, automatic measurement process
  • remote-controlled operation via RS232 possible without a computer
  • up to 6 measurements can be performed without a computer
  • high flexibility through individual programming capability
  • meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 for test equipment monitoring, calibration according to ISO 9001:200 and the ISO 13320-1 is achieved

FRITSCH offers besides the COMPACT-version further models of the Laser Particle Sizer as well as a wide range of accessories. Due to its equipment varieties FRITSCH is able to offer a particle size measuring instrument for almost every use and application.

We also offer workshops on the topic "New developments in the particle sizing field".

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