01/08/2004 • Image processing / Optical metrology

A new milestone in X-ray inspection technology

Wunstorf/Munich, 11-11-2003. A world première phoenix|x-ray is launching their new system "nanome|x" at Productronica Munich. The completely novel concept combines high-end X-ray technology with ergonomic, user-friendly de-sign. The developers at phoenix|x-ray made use of the year-long close co-operation with customers and their input from many fields of application while setting up the system in order to perfectly meet the requirements of today´s non-destructive testing processes. The system is targeting manufacturers of complex semiconductor devices and highly integrated electronic assemblies but can be used in the field of micromechanics and material testing as well.

The unique system comprises:
  • High Power nanofocusTM Tube, that can be operated in four modes (4 tubes in 1) which cover the whole range from nanometer resolution to high-power radiation. In this way smallest defects in miniaturised as-semblies like pad wetting failures in Flip Chip solder joints or cracks in bond wires with verified nanofocusTM resolution and detail detectability of 200 – 300 nm (0.2 0.3 microns) can be displayed. With the same tube it is possible though to radiate strongly absorbing materials like tungsten alloys in IC packages or injector nozzles which cannot be achieved with conventional submicron resolution X-ray tubes. The tube is infinitely variable to a high tension up to 160 kV and power up to 50 W.
  • Super OVHM with Easy View Configuration (EVC) up to 70° for oblique views at highest magnification. The extended angle of inclination offers the zero escape analysis of the pad wetting and solder joint quality of BGAs, µBGAs, CGAs, and Flip Chips without tilting the sample, that means without loss of magnification.
  • Fully digital image chain for the visualisation of weakly absorbing materials with enhanced contrast
  • Automated Inspection of BGA and QFP solder joints by a unique algo-rithm for the automated pad wetting analysis
  • Software for the automated backend inspection including automatic measurement and qualification of the bond wire sweep according to MIL-STD-883E quality assurance standard
  • Software for the automated die-attach voiding calculation following user defined standards
  • Ergonomic design for the seating or standing operation adjustable to all body sizes with optional left-handed outfit
Alltogether the new nanome|x represents the comprehensive solution for multiple applications in the QA laboratory.
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