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Dallmeier Presents SeMSy® Mobile Client

Dallmeier Presents SeMSy® Mobile Client

More and more security managers are asking for video management functions that can be operated as comprehensively as possible from a mobile device. With the “SeMSy® Mobile Client” for its Domera® and Panomera® cameras, Regensburg-based manufacturer Dallmeier is now launching a solution that combines the functional and security requirements of professional organisations with the user-friendliness and simplicity of consumer apps.

Security managers in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in particular, are often “on the road” while at the same time need to be in the know regarding security in the company. Accordingly, there is a growing demand for video surveillance solutions that can be operated and managed as comprehensively as possible from mobile devices. With the SeMSy® Mobile Client, Dallmeier now offers a solution that enables small and medium-sized companies to do just that – even without centralized recording if required.


Situational awareness from anywhere

In addition to mobile access to live images from cameras at different locations, the SeMSy® Mobile Client sends status and event messages from cameras and – where applicable – recording systems to the Mobile Client. The events are pre-selected and classified using AI-based object classification on the cameras. All events are displayed in an easy-to-navigate list with preview images. From there, playback of the event can be activated directly. Security managers are always informed, are proactively alerted to incidents and can intervene – for example, by directly addressing an offender via loudspeaker or by triggering IoT systems via MQTT. The app can be operated intuitively using either sliders or the innovative “trackwheel” with haptic confirmation and without any formal training. In addition to the smartphone app, a tablet version is also available.


From mobile-only to a hybrid solution with recording and workstations

The “smallest Dallmeier solution” consists of one or more Dallmeier cameras – e.g. from the Domera® product family – and the SeMSy® Mobile Client. Recording takes place on SD cards in the camera. For longer recordings or the integration of older camera generations or cameras from other manufacturers, current Dallmeier recording systems can also be integrated. The SeMSy® Mobile Client can also be ideally combined with fixed workstations and the free “SeMSy® Compact” software to create a larger, hybrid solution consisting of local workstations and mobile devices.


Professional user management and maximum security

Dallmeier also placed special emphasis on the simplicity of configuring and managing the solution: The cameras can be registered directly in the Mobile Client via a QR code and assigned to a location, as can the recording devices if required. A highlight of the SeMSy® Mobile Client is the integrated user management. Users can invite other users from their organisation to access cameras and recording systems at a location directly from the application. The individual rights of the guests can be defined via user roles. If necessary, access can be quickly and efficiently revoked at any time.


VPN-free connection via the cloud

The connection to the video streams is made via the Dallmeier Connect Service, which guarantees end-to-end encryption. This eliminates the need for time-consuming configuration of firewalls and routers in the local network. The data is neither processed nor cached along the entire transport route, ensuring maximum data security.


“With the SeMSy® Mobile Client, security managers are in control at all times and from anywhere. The solution combines AI-based event notification, intuitive and extremely simple operation with configuration, management and user administration for professional requirements,” says Thomas Reisinger, CTO at Dallmeier. “This is why we deliberately named the solution ‘SeMSy® Mobile Client’, because it is not a mobile application for a local video management system, but a stand-alone ‘mobile-first’ solution for small and medium-sized environments. In addition to corporate customers and their professional installers, the offering is also aimed at homeowners in the upmarket segment who place the highest demands on quality and security and value products ‘Made in Germany’.”

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Dallmeier: Turn images into assets.

With pioneering video technology from Germany.

In 1984, Dieter Dallmeier founded what is now Dallmeier electronic – not in the proverbial garage, but in a garden shed in Regensburg, Germany. Today, the company, which can justifiably call itself a hidden champion for video information technology “Made in Germany”, has several hundred employees worldwide, more than 250 of them at the company headquarters in the centre of Regensburg alone.


Our customers: From commercial enterprises to World Cup stadiums

Dallmeier's camera, recording, software, and analysis solutions optimise security and processes for B2B end customers in a wide range of industries in over 60 countries. The focus is on users from the casino, smart city, airports, logistics, stadiums, and industrial sectors. But also, banks, critical infrastructure facilities as well as medium-sized companies from all sectors.


Low total cost of ownership “Made in Germany”

With pioneering innovations, Dallmeier has succeeded time and again in placing itself at the forefront of technology: From the world's first digital image storage system with motion analysis in 1992, the patented “multifocal sensor technology” Panomera® with its “Mountera®” mounting system, to the latest Domera® camera family, which allows up to 300 camera variants with only 18 components. These and many other innovations provide real, tangible customer benefits. And with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a high Return on Investment (ROI) they can easily compete with systems produced and supplied from low-wage countries.


Cybersecurity, data protection and ethical responsibility through maximum vertical integration

With 100% “Made in Germany”, we also guarantee our customers the highest standards in data protection, cybersecurity, and ethical responsibility. With high quality and short supply chains, we also ensure – almost incidentally – sustainability and environmental protection. From our prestigious headquarters in the centre of Regensburg, Dallmeier not only carries out its own research and development but also the complete manufacturing process – from component to product to solution.




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